Google Ads Grants Management

$10,000 Grant For Non-Profits

The Google Ad Grants program is an incredible opportunity for non-profits all over the world. The program gives you $10,000 USD per month of advertising spend on Google Ads.

This is a budget that many businesses would envy!

But, with great spend comes great responsibility. Google is very strict about how advertisers use the grant and you’ll likely face difficult benchmarks and restrictions in your campaigns. In fact, meeting these requirements can be so tricky that most grant recipients don’t end up spending their full grant each month.

That’s why we’re here to help you meet the technical requirements and balance these restrictions alongside your marketing goals. Proactive management will help you stay eligible for the grant, enabling you to educate the public, attract donors, and reach the people who need your help.

Our Google Ad Grants specialists are here to ensure that you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity so that your non-profit can achieve its very important goals!

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