Display and Remarketing Ads Management

The display network can be a cost-effective way to gain high levels of exposure and to re-engage your website visitors.

Display advertising has incredible options for targeting your customers including demographics, location, interests, placements, topics and more.

Advertising on the Google Display Network

Display and Remarketing Ads Management

Almost 80% of time spent online is spent outside of search. Users are watching videos on YouTube, browsing websites, checking their GMail, and so on. So how do you get your product in their sights when they’re not even looking for you? Use display and remarketing!

The Google Display Network offers a way for you to connect with your customers even if they’re not directly searching for you and your products/services.

Through Google AdWords we are able to set up Remarketing and Display advertising campaigns that use a variety of audience targeting methods to show your ads to your customers.

Remarketing is used when targeting a specific audience that has previously interacted with you, who you wish to reconnect with. Audience lists for these remarketing campaigns can be created using data from Google Analytics.

Display advertising can be used to find new customers who may not have had contact with your brand before.

Dynamic Responsive Ads & Image Ads

Responsive Ads are relatively new to the Google Display Network. Google provides the option to use their template ad generator to easily create a range of responsive ads. They allow space for headlines, descriptions, your company name and logo, plus an image of your choosing depending on the size of the ad. The design and layouts are limited to the template that Google provides.

Image Ads can be created and customised for your brand specifically with much more freedom. It is advised to upload multiple sizes of ads to increase performance of a campaign. These are the five most popular sizes for image ads on the Google Display Network:

Remember to keep your image ads on-brand – use your logo and match the look & feel of your website. Use a button as a quick & easy CTA (Call To Action) to encourage action from your audience.

We can create custom Image Ads for you!

You have two main choices for custom image ads:

There are a few ways to approach these custom ads. We can create numerous designs for you, which can increase differentiation across campaigns, for example if you are aiming for a couple of different target markets with different tastes. Or, we can create a base design where a simple colour or text change occurs across campaigns for greater consistency.

We are able to set up a template if you wish to take control of future variations of the ad yourself. This can be useful if you plan to use the same base layout of the ad and just change the text headlines from time to time. Otherwise we are of course able to continue creating further designs for you!

Chat to us about your requirements and we can make a plan together.


Display and Remarketing Management

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