Work From Home Tax Write-Offs

Work From Home Tax Write-Offs

Vine Street Digital has always been a 100% remote workplace even long before the pandemic. Working from home has a tonne of benefits, but the tax benefits are the cherry on top!

Here are a few things you can claim on your tax if you work from home.

Electricity Expenses

Anything that’s heating, cooling, lighting or running in your workspace is chewing up electricity. The good news is that you can claim a deduction for the portion of your electricity being used for work.

Phone & Internet

If you’re using your own personal internet connection for work, then you can claim a portion of your home internet on tax. Of course, if your employer is footing the bill then it doesn’t count.


Don’t get too excited, this is just for cleaning costs for your dedicated work area only.

Repairs to Home Office Furniture/Fittings

Something broken? You can claim a deduction for costs associated with fixing your home office equipment.

Electronic Equipment and Accessories

This could be your laptop, a printer/scanner, keyboards, and more.

Stationery, Paper, Notebooks, Ink, etc.

Anything consumable that you use for work can also be claimed.

Computer Software & Website Maintenance

Programs such as Adobe Photoshop and antivirus software count if you need them for your work. Plus, you can claim an array of services and costs related to maintaining a website, such as domains & hosting fees.

Time to get claiming!

There’s no maximum to what you can claim but you need to make sure it’s calculated according to the rules. It’s also important to keep thorough records including receipts, phone logs, vehicle miles/odometer readings, and anything else you may want to claim back at tax time.

Check out the ATO website for more information on what you can and can’t claim and give their home office expenses calculator a spin!

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Written by Gemma Renton