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Why You Should Advertise with Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads)

Why You Should Advertise with Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads)

Google’s search engine is the most used in the world. So it’s no wonder that Google Ads is one of the first platforms that businesses go to for their Pay Per Click marketing. But have you considered Microsoft Search Ads? Formerly known as Bing Ads, we consider this SEM platform a bit of a hidden gem for lower-costing clicks and higher-value customers. Not only do Microsoft Ads run on the Bing search engine, but also on Yahoo, AOL, and other partner sites. Read below for five benefits to show why you should advertise with Microsoft Ads.

Smaller Market Share, But Bigger Opportunities

It comes as no surprise that Google holds the highest search engine market share with the most online searches. But, this doesn’t mean Microsoft Search Ads should be ignored! Bing has a much higher market share in the US and UK compared to Australia (which makes up roughly 12%), and they are seeing positive growth year on year.

Since Google is bigger with an abundance of search volume, businesses naturally flock to where the demand is. However, there are still millions of searches per day on Bing Ads.

Lower Costs & Larger Returns

Because there are fewer businesses participating in keyword auctions, the Cost Per Clicks (CPC) is lower. This means you can get people to your website at a much lower cost than Google. There are industries where I find the CPC may be on par with Google Ads. However, due to lower competition, I also find that Bing Ads have higher Conversion Rates. So, this results in more affordable leads and sales.

With these lower costs, you can have a smaller advertising budget. Or, you can achieve greater Search Impression Share with a similar budget to Google Ads.

Higher Value Customers

When it comes to e-commerce, utilising Microsoft Shopping Ads as part of your SEM strategy can provide profitable results. Many people who use the Bing search engine have a combined household income of over $100,000, and 25% of household incomes are in the top 25%.

When it comes to shopping on desktop computers, Microsoft’s Search Network audience spends 35% more online than the average internet user. As a result, the average sale on Bing tends to be higher.

More Granular Control on Targeting

Microsoft Ads lets you have more control over certain aspects of campaigns compared to Google Ads. Google Ads accounts allow only one time zone per account. So, if you are running different campaigns for multiple time zones, you need to set your ad schedule based on one time zone. Bing allows scheduling for different time zones at a campaign level and doesn’t have to be based on the account’s time zone. You can also adjust your location targeting on an ad group level instead of just campaign levels.

When opting in to appear on search partner networks, Google doesn’t provide any information or control over which partner sites your ads are appearing on, but Bing does. By running a “Website URL (Publisher)” report, you can get a breakdown of clicks, costs, and conversion metrics across the different sites. If you find partner sites that aren’t profitable for your business, you can exclude these from your campaigns.

Targeting B2B & Decision Makers

Bing states that 84% of their users are business decision-makers at work, with 33% being senior decision-makers. Bing’s desktop market share is also much higher than the mobile market share.

From my personal experience, I tend to find search volume and leads decrease over holiday periods in Bing, as there are fewer people in the offices using their desktops (and potentially switching to Google on their mobiles). If you are in an industry that is targeting commercial products and services, Microsoft Ads can be a great way to show in front of other businesses.

Wrapping up: Why advertise with Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Overall, Microsoft Search and Shopping Ads are a very effective form of Pay Per Click advertising if you are looking for new marketing avenues and lower costing conversions. In some cases, there might not be enough search volume to solely be depended upon so do your industry and keyword research first. Most clients of ours who use Bing also use Google Ads. Some others who have found the CPCs too high in Google have found better success from Bing, so it is all a matter of testing.

If you are wanting to find out if Bing Ads could work for your business, contact us today!

Written by Courtney Wilkinson