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Unwinding & Relaxing Around Work

Unwinding & Relaxing Around Work

Working remotely has the awesome benefit of flexibility. Picking our own work hours means we don’t need to try to cram our lives into the standard 9–5 day. We can choose when and how we relax and give ourselves some time away from the computer! Read on for our team’s examples of how they unwind around work.

Oliver’s Experience

Unwinding - Oliver - Vine Street Digital

I call this the rewind, which is that I relax in the morning and then try and do everything at night. On my usual days I’ll get up early, go for a surf, or if the surf’s not working, then a run or gym. Afterwards, I usually like to spend about 30 minutes meditating and stretching to limber my body up. After that I’ll get stuck into whatever I need to do.

Usually I’ll play my instruments in the evenings, compose music, or have a jam with some friends to unwind. Then before bed I’ll read one of the many books on my reading list!

On weekends I like to spend as much time outdoors as possible, seeming as most of my time is spent indoors. I’ll try to be as active as possible: mountain biking, hiking, climbing. Whatever I can do to stay active helps keep my mind relaxed!

Gemma’s Experience

Unwind - Gemma - Vine Street Digital

Whenever I unwind I like to do something that turns my brain off or gets me immersed in something other than work.

My go-to is choosing one of my favourite TV shows and tuning out with a few episodes. My favourites are The Office, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Modern Family.

The other thing I love to do to unwind is to read. While I do read a lot of non-fiction books about business, I also love Stephen King books. I have a very large collection of them and they’re pretty much my guilty-pleasure go-to when it comes to reading. My favourite Stephen King books are Needful Things, The Stand, The Shining and Pet Semetary.

Finally, sometimes there’s nothing better than just having silence. Occasionally, all I want to do is to sit out on my back balcony, enjoy a cup of tea and just enjoy the scenery.

Chelsea’s Experience

Unwind - Chelsea - Vine Street Digital

One of my favourite ways to unplug is go for a walk along the beach, especially along the edge of the water. There’s something about the ocean rushing over my feet that helps me feel calm and grounded. Depending on the season and the weather I find there’s different times of the day that’s best for doing this. Working flexible hours means I can go whenever the beach is good, and get on with my work before or after.

If I’m feeling more indoors-y, I’ll read a book, put on a favourite movie / TV show, or read articles online.

Another way I love to unwind is with essential oils. Sometimes I’ll make myself a blend (which can be a pleasantly methodical procedure itself), or pick an existing favourite. Then I will use it in my diffuser/vaporiser, or maybe in a hot bath!

Lachlan’s Experience

Unwinding - Lachlan - Vine Street Digital

Unwinding after a long day at work can be easy or hard depending on what’s going on. Sometimes there might be an ongoing task that I am constantly thinking about even after I’ve finished working for the day, and other times once I’m done for the day, I don’t give work a second thought.

I’m pretty into video games so that really helps me get my mind off work after a big day. Because I’m usually so focused on whatever I’m doing within the game, I just don’t think about work.

Even something as simple as watching Netflix can help me unwind. Sometimes the best thing is just to sit down and do nothing to help you unwind.