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Tips For Learning Google Ads

Tips For Learning Google Ads

When I first began learning Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords), it was almost like cramming for an exam, or doing an assignment at 3am the day it’s due. There was an overwhelming amount of information that I had to learn at once, and it was difficult to comprehend it all. Fortunately, I had help from friends who worked in the industry. They helped me figure out the basics, and from there I was able to find my way.

I remember creating a dummy Ads account, familiarising myself with the layout, and spending time understanding what all the buttons and metrics meant. Once I got more familiar, I started to come up with hypothetical problems in fake accounts that I would try to solve, based on my knowledge of how Google Ads worked. I’d then check my solutions against all my source material to see if I was right.

As far as my learning material goes, there are a lot of websites and information out there that give really simple and easy to follow advice about starting and understanding Ads.

Learning Resources

One of the best resources I used was WordStream. Founder Larry Kim is a fantastic mind in the world of Google Ads. He provides a series of articles called PPC University, designed to give you basic knowledge for Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Even better – it’s free!

PPC University - Learning Ads

Another amazing website I used was Moz. Moz is a bit more advanced and requires some basic understanding of Ads already. The articles on there are really well written. They cover important topics about all aspects of an Ads account, from specific device use, to ad copy messaging.

PPC - Learning Ads

Google Ads Learning & Support

Of course, probably the number one source of information for Ads would be Google themselves. Google have pages upon pages of information which covers every single aspect of an Ads account. Even to this day, Google’s articles are still my go-to source of information. I use them to find solutions to problems, or general information about Ads.

Learning & Support - Learning Ads

We try to learn everything we can about Ads and PPC to make us better at what we do. And from a client perspective, learning the basics can help you understand what’s happening in your account. It can even give you a better perspective of how Ads can help grow your business.

Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with!

Written by Lachlan Ward.