The Benefits of Google Shopping

The Benefits of Google Shopping

Google has constantly been telling us to make the shopping experience more streamlined for users. Their big contribution to this? Google Shopping. Unlike Google Search (where someone types in a query and get a text ad linking through to a landing page), Shopping ads present a product with a price that takes you straight to the item. Google has been encouraging the use of Shopping ads more and more, with several new features released just last year. That’s why it’s surprising that so many online retailers are yet to take advantage of these ads specifically tailored to their industry.

So, today let’s look at some benefits to Google Shopping, to try and sway those remaining e-commerce stores to jump on board.

More Qualified Traffic

Google Shopping tends to bring in more qualified clicks. Similar to a regular Google Search text ad, you’re only paying once someone clicks on a Google Shopping ad. Text ads can be difficult because not only do you have to be appealing in the few characters you have, but you also need to try and only attract qualified clicks through to your site. Paying for irrelevant clicks is really what turns any Google Ads campaign into a money-pit.

If you run an e-commerce store and you’re really wanting to make sure you’re only paying for clicks you want, Google Shopping is a great way to do that. When someone searches for something, you immediately see the product title, the price, an image of the product, and even shipping or promotional information. Plus, it even shows up next to other similar products.

This all means that, if someone clicks on your shopping ad, they have to be at least somewhat interested. All the information is given up front, and alongside other options. Unlike a text ad, so much specific detailed information is already available before you even pay for the customer to click.

Better user experience means better conversion rates

The whole user experience of Google Shopping is also a lot more streamlined than regular search ads. When someone does click on your Shopping Ad, it takes them straight through to that product page. They don’t have to try and click around your website to find what they’re looking for. Instead, the process is made extremely simple for them. This is a brilliant feature of Google Shopping, because it all helps to streamline the conversion process. Being taken straight to a product page means less clicks to the point of sale, which means less chance that your customer will get annoyed by your website, and disappear! This leads to a higher cost per conversion, and an overall better return.

Clear customer intent

Amongst all these features and benefits is the main gist of why Google Shopping can be so beneficial; it’s all about intent.

Shopping ads are designed to come up when someone’s query indicates that they’re looking to buy. Rather than paying for broad clicks via top of the sales funnel queries like “how do i…” and “what is a…”, you’re paying for people who’ve got their wallets already open. It’s this intent factor that lifts Shopping ads above Search just that little bit more. Pair this with how the ads show up, and where they go afterwards – then you’ve got all the good foundations for high ROI.

Goals tailored down to the product

Instead of a campaign that groups keywords together, Google Shopping campaigns group products together. Your entire inventory is there, ready to advertise and put into a structure that best suits you. Many e-commerce stores don’t have one blanket goal for all their products. Usually, the profit margins or sales targets vary between the type of product, or even between individual products.

One of the best things about Shopping campaigns is the ability to group products together in the context of their sales goals, and optimise from there. It gives you control over what you’re paying for in regards to traffic to certain products. You can then see the revenue resulting from that product & traffic. This leads to a better ROAS, and better insights into your customers’ behaviour.

In a nutshell, Google Shopping ads are all about catching people with a very clear objective – “buy something”! So if you’re an online store – why not put your product in front of them? If you’re interested in finding out how Google Shopping ads are set up and what a Shopping campaign might look like for you, get in touch with us today!

Written by Gemma Renton