Gemma Desk Workspace - Vine Street Digital

Staff Work Spaces – December 2017

Staff Work Spaces – December 2017

Our staff all work remotely, usually from the comfort of our own homes. Here is a little preview of our work spaces and some notes about how we each use our space!

Gemma’s Work Space

Gemma desk staff work space

So my setup is pretty standard – two screens are mandatory. Even when I go travelling I have a second portable screen I take with me.

Earphones are always on standby. I always use them for any calls or any Skype/Google Hangouts meetings. I like having my hands free when I talk so that I can type/gesture/scribble. On the phone I’m one of those people that also walk around a lot while I’m talking so earphones are important!

Every note I take is digital – but I also like scribbling while I’m on the phone/Skype/Hangouts. I keep a notepad and pencil for this reason.

It’s common for me to have flowers on my desk. Alex will buy me flowers every week or two. I want to say it’s because he loves me, but the major reason is that we both love how the lilies smell and look in the house. It’s a very relaxing scent and I find it calming. I’m also alone most of the time I’m working so they remind me of him.

My desk sits out in our living room. Some would argue that this is distracting, but I’ve never felt that way. I like playing music through the Apple TV in the living room. It’s close to the doors onto the deck so I can wander out there whenever, and it’s the closest possible location to our coffee maker. Whenever I’ve had situations before when we’ve had a proper “office” room, I feel more isolated and alone. Being out in larger rooms makes me feel less cramped.

Lachlan’s Work Space

Lachlan desk staff work space

The best money I ever spent was on the chair. Especially because I game a lot at my PC, being comfortable and supported is definitely important.

I’m a pretty avid PC gamer, so my setup is centred for performance and comfort. I always have at least 2 screens in operation. I also have a 32″ screen I occasionally use for Netflix or YouTube. I’ve got a surround sound system which doesn’t get used very much as I’ve usually got my gaming headset plugged in. The chair is an AK Racing chair specifically designed for people who spend a long time at the computer, as I can usually be found at the computer (even when I’m not working). The keyboard is mechanical with blue switches which I find helps me type even faster and more accurately. The mouse is a Logitech gaming mouse which I chose due to the way it perfectly fits my hand.

I always like to keep a notepad next to me because I like to take notes with a pen. The plant on my desk is fake but I love the little pop of colour it brings, plus I’m hopeless at keeping real plants alive. My desk is currently situated in my bedroom due to the size restrictions of our apartment. When we move, I will be looking to get a separate room to use as an office.

Chelsea’s Work Space

Chelsea desk staff work space

I used to have a rectangular desk without any shelves, but I got a bit bored with it! Now I have a Micke corner desk with a magnetic backing (thanks, IKEA!) that I utilise for reminders of things to do.

On the shelves I’ve displayed a few of my favourite things to keep me happy and inspired! I also have a set of drawers on the left, so my tools (stationery, notebooks, etc) are within easy reach at all times.

I’m in a house with a few other people and limited space, so I have to keep my desk in my bedroom. It’s not ideal for separating my work time from my relaxation/sleep time! I keep my headphones handy for when I need to focus and block out the world around me! Otherwise, I use my Sonos Play 1 speaker. Also, I’m big on essential oils, so I have a collection of spritzer bottles and a diffuser for creating a nice environment around me.

Oliver’s Work Space

Oliver desk staff work space

My desk setup’s major feature is the view. I usually take a couple of minutes out of each hour just to gaze out of my window and have a look at the changing world away from my screen where time seems to stand still. There are some amazing sunsets in the hinterland which you can see as the day starts to wind down and you pack everything away for another day. 

I use two screens to work out of, as I often have multiple things on the go at once and it’s way easier to time manage with both screens. Despite this I still prefer to go back to pen and paper at the end of the day to manage my tasks. I always keep my trusty Google diary with me next to my desk to keep track of what I’m doing.

There’s about 3 different Bluetooth speakers out of shot, and loads of sound equipment which I use for recording in a more closed-off area, but I mostly use it when I’m working to play music really loud, which keeps me motivated. 

I have a fairly old and scratched desk that came with the apartment and I definitely need a new one but I’m too unfit to justify lugging a new one up so many flights of stairs. I like keeping it basic anyway, it stops me being distracted from clutter on my desk. 

There’s also a tiny flask I keep on my desk for emergencies; thankfully to this day I haven’t had to open it yet.


What kind of set up do you have for your home office/studio/desk? Do you work from co-working spaces or use a serviced office? Do you work from home or have a creative studio setup? Let us know!