Lachlan Workspace 2019

Staff Work Spaces – January 2019

Staff Work Spaces – January 2019

Our staff all work remotely, usually from the comfort of our own homes. A year ago we posted our first edition of “Staff Work Spaces”, including notes and tips from our team on some components that they choose to use as part of their workspace. We’re kicking off 2019 with an update!

Gemma’s Work Space

Gemma desk staff work space

My workspace has evolved a bit in the last year, mostly to make it more comfortable and ergonomic. My previous monitors weren’t the same size or resolution (which wasn’t great). So, when they finally died, I upgraded to bigger screens that actually match! I got a little platform to put them on, which also has drawers. Now I can store things within easy reach.

I’ve also introduced a few new gadgets. I got AirPods which, I’ll admit, was initially a bit of a self-treat purchase, but they’ve actually been a big time saver. I can’t tell you how many times someone has called and I’ve gone “hang on let me just untangle my earphones”. Problem solved!

Another handy addition is the Rocketbook – it’s an erasable notebook that can convert hand-written notes into digital copies. As long as you use the correct pen, the pages are easily erased & re-usable. I hate keeping things on paper, but I also like doodling and writing things out, so this is perfect for me!

Also, I’ve moved into a new place in the last year. My desk is still out in a common area, but my printer and cupboards (and often flowers) are elsewhere in the apartment.

Lachlan’s Work Space

Lachlan desk staff work space

Moving into my own office has really been beneficial to my work life. I like that when I walk into my office and close the door, I know it’s time to work, and I’m not distracted by anything going on around me. I also love having green around me in my office. Much like the rest of my home, having plants and greenery around puts me in a positive mood.
The best purchase I’ve recently made to my work setup has to be my bigger (main) monitor. I bought a 2K resolution monitor which increases my screens resolution to 2048×1080. I can now see more without having to scroll. This is incredibly convenient when working through spreadsheets, Analytics, or using the Google Ads interface – because now all the data is easy to see.

Chelsea’s Work Space

Chelsea desk staff work space

I’ve moved house (and country) a few times since the last time we documented our workspaces! I’m now in London, with my desk in my bedroom (as always?! one day I’ll have my own office!). The only place in the room that I can fit my desk is against the window. It’s nice to look out and see the sky, trees, and houses, but it’s not always great when it comes to glare and light pollution! I guess I just have to work at night-time more ;)

I’ve got a fabric square of “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” as I’ve always loved this painting, and I like being reminded of the ocean. I have brought only a few crystals/gemstones with me from Australia, which are sitting just underneath my top monitor. Speaking of the monitor, I finally bought myself a nice one (instead of using crappy out-dated hand-me-downs…). It has a great display and colour profile! I can easily change the profiles depending on whether I’m working or playing computer games.

A notepad and pens are almost always on my desk, as I enjoy writing and taking notes with pens of different colours. And as usual, I’m in a house with other people, so I keep my headphones/earphones handy for blocking out noise. My purple drink bottle is always on hand as well. It’s 500mL stainless steel, and it gets refilled multiple times a day.

Kristen’s Work Space

Kristen desk staff work space

My work-space is set away from the rest of my house because I find it easier to concentrate in an office dedicated to my work. I really like to have a completely uncluttered desk, so I keep as little as possible in front of me. Having said that, there are a few things I can’t do without.

It’s really important to me to have lots of light and fresh air in my office so my windows and blinds are always open and the fans always on.

I love to collect crystals, so there’s always a few different shapes on my desk. Right now I have smoky quartz. They’re a nice counterpoint when I need to take my eyes off the screen for a break.

No matter how far we get into this ‘digital age’, I always find it helpful to write things down using pen and paper. Even if I rarely look at it, physically taking notes helps me to remember things, and makes reminders that much easier to see.


What kind of set up do you have for your home office/studio/desk? Do you work from co-working spaces or use a serviced office? Do you work from home or have a creative studio setup? Let us know!