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Staff Favourites: Board Games

Staff Favourites: Board Games

This month we’re celebrating the good old board game! We normally spend so much time attached to screens, especially with our kind of work. Board games are a great way to give our eyes a break and to spend some time with people IRL ;)

Lachlan’s Selection

Board Games - Lachlan
I love playing board games and it’s difficult to pick a favourite. A lot of the board games I play are role-playing driven. Some games can last up to 5 hours (Settlers of Catan). The photo shows a selection of the games I own and play on a regular basis. Out of these, the Munchkin games would be my favourite, with the Rick & Morty version being the best.

Munchkin is based off Dungeons and Dragons, but is a really simplified version of it, so the games are generally pretty quick. In the Rick & Morty version, there are elements and characters from the TV show, which makes for a really enjoyable and fun game.

Oliver’s Selection

Board Games - Oliver
Monopoly is one of those games where there is no teamwork, sportsmanship, or morality. It’s the bread and crust of capitalism, where one player will financially dominate early on and then very slowly grind the competition into dust. Even the Royal Family refuses to play the game because it is too “vicious”.

But that’s why I love it. The look on your little brother’s face as he loses everything, because you’ve been generously gifted his last $50 dollars for coming runner-up in a beauty contest (you didn’t even know you entered), forcing him to foreclose on all his mortgages. Maybe it’s the sadist inside me. But, when you win, you can’t help but feel a little bit of glee over others’ dissatisfaction.

I own the Brisbane edition, but I mean, let’s be honest. There’s not too much beyond the Brown Snake and the Milton Mango Tree that can be said about Brisbane landmarks. They mostly fluff it out with some minor buildings, and it’s an interesting spin on the game, but South Bank is no Mayfair.

Chelsea’s Selection

Board Games - Chelsea
I’m a bit torn between a few games, because Sequence has been a family favourite for years, but Settlers of Catan quickly found a place in my heart when I started playing it with a friend from college. I’ve also had friends introduce me to Pandemic, which is an excellent collaborative game where you work together to win against the game. It makes a nice change from the usual fight against each other!

Smallworld is also a really interesting one for strategy and conquering. I love games that make you think and plan your future moves carefully. They also help you learn patience and strategies for dealing with adversity… like when someone who you thought was your friend decides to completely ruin your plan for world domination by wiping out your elves.

Gemma’s Selection

Board Games - GemmaMonopoly has been my favourite board game since I was a child. Most families say they can’t get through a game of Monopoly without it ending in a small war. It has been the complete opposite for me.

My father and I have played Monopoly together since I was 7 years old. We love it and we play it A LOT. Usually every weekend – and for some periods of time we’ll play a daily game. Vine Street Digital was actually named after my favourite property; Vine Street. I believe the orange set gives you the best return on investment – just like Vine Street Digital.