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Reach New Customers With Spotify Ads

Reach New Customers With Spotify Ads

What are Spotify Ads?

Spotify is a streaming service for music and podcasts. It offers access to millions of songs and audible content from creators across the globe. Whilst Spotify provides a free service (one of its main selling points), it also offers a premium subscription which allows users to stream in higher quality and experience ad-free listening. This makes Spotify Ads a great way to reach new customers!

Spotify Ads specifically targets users who are on the free version of the streaming service. As of Q4 2020, there are over 345 million users on Spotify across the world – 190 million of which are free users (source).

Why choose Spotify Ads?

Spotify Ads put a unique perspective on the classic PPC Marketing model, giving you new ways to reach customers who otherwise would’ve missed your ad. Rather than allowing users to scroll right past your ad (as on other platforms), Spotify directly inserts your ad into the listening experience of its free users. This means your ads are hard to ignore, thus providing you with a spotlight to quickly promote your business, service, or product.

Is This The Right Platform For You?

One of the biggest limitations of Spotify is in its targeting (more on that later).

This means that you need to consider whether you want engagement with your ads (clicks, listens), or if you’re simply after brand awareness (reach, impressions). You also need to consider the fact that 100% of your audience are free users of the platform.

A podcast, for example, might use the platform as a way to promote a recent episode of the series. So, awareness is the primary objective, and the platform is used to listen to podcasts. A bespoke local jeweller, however, might find it hard to find a relevant target audience.

Campaign Objectives

Spotify can be used in all stages of the customer’s journey – from awareness to consideration, to purchasing – again, depending on your goals for your ads. From the get-go, Spotify asks if you would like to promote:

  • A brand, product, or organisation,
  • An artist’s music on Spotify,
  • Or a concert or artist’s merchandise.

Spotify Ads Campaign Objectives | Vine Street Digital

As Spotify is an audio-based platform, there are only three options you can choose from when putting together your ad creatives:

  • Audio,
  • Video (horizontal), and
  • Video (vertical).

Whilst Audio ads are the core of the Ad Studio’s offering, Video Ads are quite new to the platform.


Unlike Facebook, Spotify’s targeting options are very broad. When putting together your ad sets, you are presented with four options.

  1. Interests: Target your audience based on their interests, as indicated by recent podcast and playlist listening, as well as by streaming platform.
    Spotify Ads Interest Target
  2. Real-time contexts: Target people in specific moments, as indicated by the playlist they’re currently listening to.
    Spotify Ads Real-time Context Targeting
  3. Genres: Target people based on the genre of the song they heard immediately before hearing your ad.
    Spotify Ads Genre Targeting
  4. No additional targeting: Target the widest possible audience.
    Spotify Ads Wide Targeting

Whilst other PPC Platforms offer the ability to split your allocated marketing spend into a daily budget, Spotify only allows you to use it over a ‘lifetime’. The minimum budget for your Spotify Ad Set is $250, however, you can stretch this across any period of time.

Ad Creation

The final step is putting your ad together. If you’ve selected audio ads, Spotify gives you two options:

  1. Help me create one: Write a voiceover script and we’ll record and mix it with a background track for you.
  2. Use my own: Upload your complete audio ad with a voiceover and background track.

Your audio ad is also limited to around 29 seconds, meaning you will have to be quite brief about your organisation, product, or services.

Once you’ve put your creatives together, Spotify usually takes between 24 hours to 48 hours to approve your new ad set. Once you’ve been approved, your ad set will automatically activate on your chosen start date.

If you have had any issues with your ads being approved (as I certainly have), do not fear. In our experience, Spotify support is very prompt and very helpful in clearing up any policy violations or mistakes in your ads.

How To Get Started

Firstly, you’ll need to set up your Spotify Ads account through the Spotify Ad Studio. Once this has been created, you’ll be able to get started on your campaign straight away. As mentioned, you will need a minimum of $250 to put towards your new campaign.

If you’d like more guidance, feel free to contact us with any questions about our Spotify Ads management! We’ll discuss your business and marketing goals to help you determine if Spotify Ads is right for you.

Written by Harry Taylor