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The New Google Ads Interface – Our First Impressions

The New Google Ads Interface – Our First Impressions

We’ve each had a look through the beta of the new Google Ads interface. Here’s some of our first impressions and experiences!

Gemma’s Experience

Adjusting to a new Ads interface is never easy. I remember the last change that happened – I avoided using the new interface for as long as possible and resented having to change. Now I can’t imagine how I got by using that old, clunky version!

I’m definitely not fighting this latest release, though. It’s not just a new interface, there are great new features hidden everywhere.

Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions allow you to promote an offer or special via your search ads. E-commerce sites will find it particularly useful – it directly links to the offer on your site, includes details of the promotion, and can be scheduled to run between certain dates.

Local service businesses will also find this useful to set themselves apart in crowded market places. Plumbers, cleaners, mechanics, and trades of all sorts can offer even small promotions such as “Call now and get $10 off” that could get someone to pick up the phone.

Gemma Promotion Extensions New Ads Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts

Boy, do I love a good shortcut. If there’s a faster, easier way for me to do something, I’m there. The new Ads interface comes with some great keyboard shortcuts for navigating around. Now for the tricky part – trying to remember them all! You can access the guide to shortcuts by typing the question mark (?) symbol on your keyboard.
Here’s a list of the shortcuts for you:

  • G then T – search for a page
  • G then S – go to Settings
  • G then O – go to Overview
  • G then C – go to Campaigns
  • G then J – go to Ad groups
  • G then A – go to Ads
  • G then X – go to Extensions
  • G then K – go to Search Keywords
  • G then Y – go to Opportunities
  • Shift + W – show or hide the navigation panel
  • Shift + A – see All campaigns
  • Shift + N – create new
  • Ctrl or ⌘ + C – copy
  • Ctrl or ⌘ + V – paste

Lachlan’s Experience

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve opened Google Ads recently only to be greeted by a new face and not my old, familiar friend. When the new interface was released, I’ll admit, I was fast at switching back the previous version, Usain Bolt had nothing on me. But as more articles and videos were released about how brilliant the new Ads was, I thought to myself, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all.

After scouring the internet, past the memes and beauty bloggers, there were a few articles that really showcased what the new Ads interface could do so much better than the previous one. Possibly the one aspect I’m most excited for at the moment is Data Visualisations.

lachlan-dayhour-ads-new-interfaceYes, that’s right, I’m excited to see all the pretty colours. While it might sound like such a pointless thing to add in, the reality is, it will make reading and analysing data much faster. As many fellow advertisers would tell you, efficiency is key. With visualisations being added to day parting, devices, and ad scheduling, it will eliminate a few steps and make a huge difference to efficiency and time management.

For example, with the current interface, to work out day parting I have to: view the conversions, convert into a percentage, do the same with every other day, and then compare as a whole. With the new interface, I can go the the overview and say “Wow, look at how much blue Wednesday has!” and this will tell me straight away what the results are.

Hopefully, in the coming months, we will be able to transition across into the new interface and Google can stop hinting at me to “Try The New Ads!”.

Chelsea’s Experience

Chelsea Calendar New Ads Interface

I’m going to be honest – in some ways, I’ve found it hard to like the new Ads interface so far. It feels too padded out – like it’s on the “Comfort” level of Display Density (think Google Calendar and Gmail viewing options).

I got quite used to how lean everything was in the previous/current Ads interface. Before, I could see so much more information in a small space; but now I feel like I’m constantly scrolling, clicking, and adjusting columns to get to what I want. To be fair though, I’m not sure if I actually don’t like it, or if I just haven’t adapted to it yet. It is actually very clean and beautiful to look at!

Something that I am actually very excited about is the new control available for selecting date ranges to view our data. In our practice, we regularly check data (such as search term results) over specific periods of time.

This new interface makes selecting those periods so much easier! I especially like the option to customise the amount of days up to today and yesterday. It’s simple, and brilliant! Who knew I could get so excited about something like that?

Oliver’s Experience

I think that a part of getting older is having a resistance to change, making it harder to embrace something unfamiliar and learn something new. Like an elderly person trying to figure out a mobile smart phone, I’ve grumpily come to accept the new Ads experience. Of course, I find myself switching back to the old version time and time again. Initially, I actually promoted the new interface to my colleagues, but that was before I used it extensively.

One of the main problems with it is that has a rather slow interface – there’s about 10 more steps added to get to your usual source of information. And why aren’t conversions and average positions ticked as a default metric? Does Ads want to try to lull me into a false sense of security and delusion that everything is fine?

But anyway, enough geriatric complaining. There are some things that I do like about the new Ads:


The new Ads interface does look a bit prettier, but isn’t just that. When I’m performing daily checks for clients, a lot of the metrics I need to know about are now right in my face. If there is a low-performing ad group or keyword, it will usually draw attention to it straight away. The information is presented a lot better than it was before, making it easier to view the information you are looking for. Reports look a lot better too, so what I’m sending to our clients now looks much more professional. Plus, it’s easier for them to understand what we’re managing.

Demographics Targeting

The old Ads had this, sure. But the new Ads gives you much more detailed information on target segments. It also adds in the ability to target parental status in a search campaign. This used to be only possible in display campaigns. As an advertiser, this is incredibly useful to speak to our audiences and increase CTR for businesses. As someone who spends hours scratching their head, wondering who I’m speaking to when I write generic copy, this is a fantastic new approach.

Wicked Widgets

Competitor data (auction insights), Location data, Dates/Time and Devices. All of this stuff was available through a somewhat lengthy process in the old Ads, but in the new version it’s all much nicer, and readily available to be analysed. Oh yes, and a competitive perceptual map, that’s a great feature! I haven’t used one since my first year as a marketing student.

Wrapping Up

If you haven’t had a chance to have a look through the new Ads interface yet, we’d suggest you give it a go! As difficult as it can be to change what you’re used to, there are some great features that are being released. Google is planning to get everyone on the complete full experience by the end of the year. There’s a mixture of excitement and maybe some anxiety about that!

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions!