Vine Street Digital | MyBusiness Awards Finalist 2020

MyBusiness Awards Finalist 2020

MyBusiness Awards Finalist 2020

The team at Vine Street Digital is proud and thrilled to announce finalist status for the MyBusiness Awards 2020, in both the MEDIA, MARKETING AND ADVERTISING BUSINESS OF THE YEAR category, and the WORKPLACE OF THE YEAR category!

As the owner of an agency that focuses on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) digital advertising, Gemma Renton knows all too well the pitfalls and restrictions rife within many agencies in the industry. Noticing the burnt-out staff, low productivity, and unhappy clients, and burning out herself, Gemma knew something had to change. She created Vine Street Digital in 2015 as a way to combat these issues.

“We envisage a world where no one has to sacrifice their careers for their desire to travel, have children, or live rurally. We also want to level the playing field in terms of gender, disability, and race.” – Gemma

Vine Street Digital has operated under a remote-work model since its inception. The business is founded on the principles of honesty, trust, and integrity. Rather than subscribing to traditional office life, Gemma chose to give herself and her employees the freedom and flexibility of a completely remote work environment. Staff can choose their location and their hours of work.

“Fast-forward to the 2020 pandemic, while many businesses are implementing remote work for the first time, we’ve already been working from home in a way that promotes employee health during a stressful, difficult time.” – Gemma

It’s not only about liberating Gemma and her employees but their clients as well. The freedom and transparency that Vine Street Digital offers to clients is a driving factor in their success. Their PPC management service is contract-free, and clients maintain complete ownership of all their accounts. This differentiates Vine Street Digital from the many agencies that try to keep a firmer hold on their clients.

Achieving finalist status in both the Media, Marketing and Advertising Business of the Year category as well as the Workplace of the Year category proves that Vine Street Digital is on the right track.

“To be the best agency to work with, and the best agency to work for – it’s exactly what I wanted.” – Gemma

Team members who are able to travel will join Gemma in celebrating and watching the awards live stream in her living room. The others will join in spirit!

“It’s a perfect excuse for us to hang out, have a bit of fun, and celebrate our achievements,” Gemma commented.

“Our ambition is to ensure that we continue on this path, and lead others by example. We’re inspiring better business. The MyBusiness Awards gives us an amazing opportunity to share our vision and promote change in the industry.” – Gemma

A focus on employee retention and wellness, and a business model that promotes quality work, means that Vine Street Digital is one of the few agencies hiring during a pandemic – not firing! The pandemic has shown the world that flexible, remote work is the way of the future, and has proved to the team at Vine Street Digital that they have countless benefits helping them to mitigate risk and grow during difficult times.

Written by Chelsea Zanki

The MyBusiness Awards is the benchmark for excellence in Australia and the largest independent awards program celebrating SME business owners and professionals. Award recipients represent a true cross-section of the SME industry, recognising the best of the best, highlighting and celebrating outstanding achievements, and providing winners with a desirable accolade.

“This year’s MyBusiness Awards carry more weight than ever, given the unparalleled hardship small- to-medium-business owners have experienced since the onset of 2020,” said MyBusiness editor Maja
Garaca Djurdjevic.

“That is precisely why we feel honoured to have this opportunity to celebrate business owners and shine a spotlight on those that have gone above and beyond to keep their businesses running and offer outstanding service and support to their customers and the Australian community at large. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued efforts. We wish you all the very best and look forward to celebrating your achievements in December.”

The finalist list features over 250 high-achieving individuals and businesses across 30+ submission-based categories. The awards ceremony and announcement of winners will be live-streamed on the 4th of December.

About Vine Street Digital:

Vine Street Digital is a digital advertising agency that focuses on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing across multiple platforms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. Their management services include a thorough analysis of client business goals and metrics to help deliver their desired results. For further information, contact Vine Street Digital.