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How To Make Your Phone Number Clickable On Your Website

How To Make Your Phone Number Clickable On Your Website

Nowadays so many people are searching for solutions on their mobile phones. If they visit your website, you want to make sure they can contact you as easily as possible! Here’s how you can make it happen.

Get Ready To Code!

Basically, you need to be able to access your website builder. Whether you’re using WordPress, Wix, Unbounce, or something else, you need to be able to edit the page and/or template that you want the phone number to go on. If you don’t have access, ask your site admin (or get them to do this for you).

Your phone number might be presented in different ways. It might just appear as text in a line or a paragraph, or perhaps you’ve got it as a button. Whatever the format, you need to enclose it within a hyperlink.

This is an example here. The green text below is the text that will be visible on your actual website. The blue text, however, is the HTML code that you need to use to create the clickable phone number link.

<a href="callto://+61755552345">+61 (07) 5555 2345</a>

If your phone number is present on your website already, in most cases you can simply replace it with the full link as above. Just replace our example number with yours, including the country and area codes. The green text can be formatted however you prefer! If you wish to remove the country code and the brackets, then go for it! As long as the formatting of the blue text is intact, you should be fine.

A Note On Variations

It’s also possible to do this using “tel” instead of “callto”, as below:

<a href="tel://+61755552345">+61 (07) 5555 2345</a>

The reason you might want to use “callto” is because it can give mobile phone users an option to use a different app such as Skype to make the call.

Desktop Browsers

Depending on the computer someone is using, they might be able to call on their desktop browsers! For example, on an Apple Macbook with FaceTime enabled, you’d be able to click to call the number.

When This Might Not Work…

Be aware that this may not work on all smartphones. It should work on a majority of them (including iPhone and Android devices), but there’s a chance that your customers don’t have a compatible phone.

Some smartphone browsers might even recognise a phone number and make it clickable without you needing to use this code at all. Handy!

We hope that helps! Let us know if you’ve got any questions.