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Keeping Your Ads Fresh: How To Come Up With New Ad Copy

Keeping Your Ads Fresh: How To Come Up With New Ad Copy

Whether you’re using Google ads, Facebook ads or one of the many other PPC platforms, it’s important to keep testing your ad copy. In the case of search engines, testing ad copy allows you to constantly keep improving your ads so that they’re more relevant and more appealing to users. For social ads, we test ad copy to keep improving, but we also change up our ads to make sure people aren’t seeing the same thing over and over.

So with all this constant ad copy testing, how on earth are you meant to keep coming up with fresh ideas? It’s certainly a tricky one. Sometimes ad copy tests are very minor wording changes and don’t have to be ground breaking. However, it’s good to keep looking at your copy from a new perspective. Here’s just a few ad copy techniques that we use to help us keep ads fresh.

Ad Copy Technique #1 – Proof

A good angle for any ad is proving why you’re better than other people. Is your claim believable and why? You might want to consider including the following in your ad copy;

  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Personal endorsement/testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Social proof; number of followers, citations, media mentions
  • Use content with an actual demonstration of it working

There’s lots of ways to demonstrate proof, but a good ad copy technique is also to focus on numbers. Use statistics, savings, losses, price, percentages or dates, to help hammer home your credibility.

Ad Copy Technique #2 – Offers

Offers don’t always have to cheapen your brand or make you give something away for free. The idea of an offer is to help someone make a more informed decision, or to develop trust in a brand. Some offer types include;

  • Guarantee
  • Trial Offer
  • Free Sample
  • Discount
  • “No Obligation”
  • White Papers
  • % to Charity

Offers should sweeten the deal and instil confidence. They should never look like a deceptive scramble to win more business.

Ad Copy Technique #3 – Change your structure

Ad copy isn’t just about what you say, it’s also about how you say it. Sometimes minimal changes can help people to digest information more easily, or make your ad stand out from your competitors. You might want to consider utilising the following techniques when you test your ads;

  • Verb swapping & noun swapping
  • Capitalisation
  • Line Breaks
  • Repetition
  • Quotes
  • Dashes and Slashes
  • Exclamation Marks
  • Special Symbols like ™

These small things can be really fascinating to test. If information is easier to read or your eyes are drawn to it, it’s more likely to win the click.

Ad Copy Technique #4 – Emotions

It’s no secret that advertising plays to people’s emotions. The important thing is to do this in a responsible way, not a deceptive way. Emotions can be broken down into three core areas:

  • Feelings (e.g. joy, anticipation, surprise)
  • Vices (sloth, gluttony)
  • Virtues (justice, honesty)

Thinking about how you can tweak your ad in a different way to appeal to different emotions can give you a totally different perspective on your copy.

Wrapping Up

So you might be sitting there wondering how you could ever think of a different way to sell yourself, your product or your service, but I’m here to say that you do have options! These are just a few of the different angles we explore when looking at ad copy, and not all of the angles apply to all businesses. But sometimes it’s worthwhile simply considering these different techniques to give you a fresh perspective once in a while. Contact us if you have any questions on this!

Written by Gemma Renton