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Keeping A Home Routine For Work & Life – Part 2

Work & Life At Home Routine – Part 2

The coronavirus pandemic has seen people start to work from home and practice social distancing. It’s a difficult adjustment for many; the loss of structure of a daily routine can be hard. At Vine Street Digital, our default office is our home. We’ve written out what our average days look like, hoping to help those who are needing a bit of reassurance that it’s okay to do things at different times. You can read part 1 of our home routines here, and read on below for part 2!

A laptop, plant, and water bottle on a desk. | Home Routines | Vine Street DigitalCourtney

My daily “routine” continues to evolve as the months go on, depending on what I am doing in my life, although this doesn’t change my productivity levels.

Currently, my routine has altered due to watching a new Netflix series, so I’m going to bed later. As a result, I’m waking up at 8am instead of 6:30am. I go straight to my desk, to check emails. Then at 9-10am I’ll go eat breakfast and brush my teeth.

Sometimes I’ll go to the gym or attend pilates classes at whatever time I’d like to go (ideally the less busy times). I make my breakfast and lunch from scratch every day – from muesli, scrambled/poached eggs, and porridge in the morning; to fresh salads, pasta, and sandwiches during the day.

Overall, my work from home routine has allowed me to be more productive at work and out of work. 


A computer desk setup | Home Routines | Vine Street DigitalMy home routine is mostly standard, but with a few tweaks as I have two dogs and a toddler who also require my attention.

I normally get up around 7am and get bub ready and off to day-care by 7:45am. This involves breakfast, dressing, and hygiene all done in front of whatever is on ABC kids. I’m home from dropping her off by 8 and then I’m walking the dogs between 8 and 8:30. This gives me a great start to the day with some fresh air and sunshine and it settles the dogs, so they don’t dance around me all day.

I work from 8 – 1, normally having a 10-minute break for coffee and breakfast around the 11 mark. Lunch is at 1pm and I try to take it in the garden, collecting a little more vitamin D where I can. My afternoon is where I schedule any housework, cooking, etc before collecting bub at 4:45pm. We always shower at night so we can get up and go in the morning, and we always spend the half-hour before dinner back out in the garden, tending our fruits & veggies and running around on the grass with the dogs.


Due to a physical disability, I can only work an hour at a time. On a good day, I can manage about 4 hours. If I didn’t have a regular daily routine, I wouldn’t be able to manage these hours. 

9:30am – Wake up, make breakfast and watch something silly to start the day on a positive note. I’m rewatching Parks and Recreation at the moment.

10:15am – 1 hour of work.

11:15am – Brush my teeth, then get into my daily physio exercises which all takes around 30 minutes, but feels more like 10 minutes with a good podcast. (I’d recommend This Sounds Serious.)

11:45am – Jump back into another hour of work. 

12:45pm – Lunch break! I try to go for a short walk during my lunch break in addition to eating lunch. This would also be around the time I’d head out to the grocery store if I needed anything. 

1:45pm – Back to work.

2:45pm – Shower time! I have roommates who work 9 to 5 jobs, so it’s very nice not to have to fight for hot water.

3pm – The last hour of work.

4pm – Call someone! I live in Canada and my family lives in Australia, so this is a good time for me to call my loved ones. I like to take the time to do something relaxing, like a 15-minute meditation (but usually video games). 

5pm – Make dinner. I like my dinner like I like my parties: early.

6pm – Whatever the heck I want! Sometimes I have night classes to go to, other times I’ll be heading out to perform in a comedy show. I’m a very social person, so it’s important to me to make plans with my friends during the week. While I’m social distancing, I have plans for phone chats with a bunch of my friends and family.


I try to stick to a regular routine, but there are a few things that shuffle around.A desk setup with a laptop and two extra monitors. | Home Routines | Vine Street Digital

I’ve been starting work around 9 or 10am most days. If I have some particularly engaging tasks or big deadlines, I might work until 7pm or later, as sometimes I find it easier to focus at night time. Or, if I wake up super early for some reason and can’t get back to sleep, sometimes I will work for an hour or two (e.g. 4-6 or 5-7 am). I’ll usually make breakfast around 9.

If I have leftover food in the fridge, I can relax for a bit when I have lunch. Lunchtime varies each day, it could happen any time from 11am to 2pm. I might watch an episode of a show, play a video game, read a book, etc. Otherwise, I have to make food for myself, which is not ideal (I hate cooking and would love to hire a personal chef).

I have pilates class on Thursday morning at 9am every week, and I’ll schedule a variety of appointments throughout the month. Chiropractor on a Friday morning, physiotherapist on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, remedial massage on a Saturday, and so on.

Usually, I work every day (around my appointments) except Thursday and Sunday, as those are the days I can spend with my partner.

Due to social distancing and COVID-19 lockdowns, not much of this is happening at the moment, including seeing my partner (we don’t live together yet, sadly). So, I’m suddenly watching a lot more Netflix instead, and working my way through Far Cry 3 (yes, I’m many years behind). I’m also trying to remember to do more exercises and movement at home. A Les Mills online membership helped get me started. I love their Body Balance mixes, they combine tai chi, yoga, and pilates together.

I love the flexibility of working remotely. If I’m hitting a wall, I can take a break for an hour or so, go sit at the beach to get some fresh air, or I can do some stretches/exercise at home. I don’t have much of a routine for doing that kind of thing, it’s more as and when I feel I need it.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for joining us for part 2 of our home routines! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.