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How to use Google Ads change history

How to use Google Ads change history

Google Ads is a complex beast. Actively optimising campaigns means there are a lot of variables you need to be monitoring and often adjusting. Keywords, bidding, ad copy, budgets, settings and targeting are just some of the things that you’d be looking at. With all of these changes, it’s worth being able to look back in time and see exactly what you’ve done. There’s a few reasons change history can be useful to your strategy and general management of your Google Ads campaigns.

Knowing where you went wrong…and right!

One of the major things you should look at when optimising your campaigns is anomalies. Look for changes in your campaigns performance that are out of the ordinary. Sometimes even seemingly small changes can affect your stats in a big way. This is where change history is important. It’s great for checking what changes you made, and when, and how they relate to a change in performance.

For example, let’s say one of your usually high-performing keywords is suddenly getting very few clicks compared to normal. There could be a few reasons for this, but a quick glance at your change history could help you understand what’s different. You might notice that you added a negative keyword that actually conflicts with the positive one. The brilliance of the change history section is that you can actually click an “undo” button and reverse it without having to navigate away. If things ever went REALLY bad, you could (in theory) reverse a lot of changes all at once. But hey, let’s hope it never comes to that.

It’s not all about the bad though. Your change history can help you understand the fundamental things you did to bring your campaigns to a new level. Being able to go back in time and see when you made all those ad changes and where is a useful summary to understand why all of a sudden, for example, your CTR is going through the roof.

Avoiding confusion

Have you ever logged into your Google Ads campaign, seen something, and thought “wait, I don’t remember doing that”?

It’s common for multiple people to have access to a Google Ads account to be able to see what’s happening and report properly. But when multiple people have access, there’s always a danger of multiple people making changes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all, doing all the work to maintain campaigns can be a big job and sometimes too big for one person. The downside is when unwanted changes are made. In a best case scenario this is just a miscommunication. In a worst case scenario, you’ve forgotten to remove access from someone you no longer work with and they’re taking their revenge. Dramatic things like that aside, the Google Ads change history can tell you who did what. This can help you make sure you’re all on the same page.

Remembering well into the past

It’s heading towards the end of the year and you’re discussing how to best capitalise on the holiday season with your advertising. Last year was great, but wait, what did we do again? Raising or lowering budgets, pausing or activating campaigns, and targeting new keywords are all things that can happen seasonally. When you only do something at a certain time of year, it’s sometimes hard to remember exactly what you did. You might know your general strategy, but it’s always worthwhile remembering those exact changes you made that worked so well last year.

In short, your Google Ads change history is like a secretary for your campaigns. It’s taking notes, even when you’re not. It’s a fantastic tool not just for optimisation, but also for accountability and transparency in the way that you manage your campaigns. While it’s often an overlooked feature, it’s one of the most handy things in your Google Ads arsenal. So when you’re wondering what’s in the future for your Google Ads campaigns, check your history!

Written by Gemma Renton