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How To Use Facebook Catalogue To Boost Your Online Sales

How To Use Facebook Catalogue To Boost Your Online Sales

There’s no denying that Facebook & Instagram are two of the strongest platforms in driving sales for e-commerce stores. With the ability to reach new and existing customers, these social media platforms are now a core part of marketing strategies across a range of online retail stores. As an e-commerce store, how can you make sure you’re making the most of the features offered by Facebook? Today, we’ll look at one feature in particular – Facebook Catalogues.

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What is the Facebook Product Catalogue?

If you’ve run Google Shopping in the past, you might be familiar with Google Merchant Centre (GMC). You can think of the Catalogue Manager as Facebook’s version of GMC, as this is where you’ll house all your product data; including price, title, description, and images. In order to set this up, you’ll need to navigate to the Catalogue Manager. Depending on the volume of products and your website platform, you can either set the product feed up manually, through a website plugin, or with an existing feed file through GMC.

Once you’ve created your Facebook Catalogue, you can then create ‘Product Sets’. You can create Product Sets to group together specific items in your inventory with a range of filters such as brand or price. You’ll need to create these in order for you to run Dynamic Remarketing Ads – which we’d definitely recommend!

There are a few “best practice” rules when setting up a Product Set. However, the main one we’ll note today is that Facebook recommends you include more than 4 items in a Product Set. Including only a few products will limit your ads from delivering.

Ways To Use Your Facebook Catalogue

Once you’ve set up your Facebook Catalogue, there’s a range of features you can use on both Facebook and Instagram. All of these features provide another touchpoint for you to connect with your customers.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

I’d be surprised if you haven’t come across Dynamic Ads in your newsfeed. This is where you’ll see remarketing ads for specific products that you’ve already looked at or searched for online. How do they do it? The Dynamic Ads match items from your catalogue with ‘events’ from your Facebook Pixel (installed on your website to track user actions). These events can include ‘product page views’ or ‘add to cart.’ These are great for connecting with customers at the bottom of the funnel, right when they are ready to take action and make a purchase. You have the option of displaying these as a carousel or single image ad.

Collection Ads

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Collection Ads are a great way to showcase your products and provide an easier way for users to discover and browse in a visual and interactive way. The ad format allows you to display 4 items from your catalogue underneath a hero image or video. Users can then tap on items to learn more or browse similar products.

Facebook Page Shop

You can think of your business page as your storefront and the Facebook catalogue as the warehouse that stores your inventory. So firstly, you’ll need to ensure your Facebook page is set up as a Business Page. Once connected, your Facebook Shop will automatically update when you update the catalogue, so it’s easy to manage. The Facebook Page shop allows users to browse products, view product details, and select a size (for example). The user can then choose to ‘Check Out’ on the website.

Instagram Shopping

With Instagram Shopping, you can tag products within your posts or stories. People can then tap on these tags to see the product details such as price. Similar to a Facebook Shop, you’ll need to ensure that your account is set up as a business account and it’s connected to your Facebook page.

Why not get started with Facebook Catalogue?

If you’re an e-commerce store and you want to take full advantage of Facebook’s Ad features, why not set up your Facebook Catalogue! Contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like assistance with Facebook Catalogue Ads.