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Google Shopping Promotions

Google Shopping Promotions

When you hear the phrases “Black Friday” or “Boxing Day Sales”, you immediately picture hordes of people going crazy inside of shopping centres. However, over the last decade, online shopping has become the new way for people to purchase items. It’s convenient as you can shop from home, and customers aren’t limited to just what’s available in person at a shop. Most retailers have transitioned from being just a physical store, to having both online and physical locations. There are even companies that don’t have physical locations at all, but are 100% online.

Being online can really help reduce costs for the business and the customer. Without excessive overheads to pay for, savings can be applied to products. This helps make the business more competitive and enticing for customers.

Google Shopping is an awesome platform for advertising sale items online. It can be very effective if you take advantage of features such as Promotions. Google’s Shopping Promotions allow you to stand-out from other competitors and helps you grab more attention from potential customers.

What is a Google Shopping Promotion?

Essentially, a Promotion is a specific discount or offer that your business has on either the product or shipping. These can range from something like “20% Off” to “Spend Over $100 For Free Shipping”. These promotions are shown on the ad just below the price and company name:

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Promotions are a great way to draw in more attention from customers. Create a special offer to try increasing CTR of your ads. People are more likely to view your ad if they know they’ll get a great deal. If your deal is better than other competitors, you’ll see a conversion increase.

Promotions can be used on both mobile and desktop devices, so you’re able to hit a much wider audience and further increase CTR and conversions.

Currently, the following promotions can be used:

  • Discounts, including:
    • Percentage off,
    • Cash back,
    • Buy 1 get 1 free,
    • Buy 1 get the second at a percentage off.
  • Free Gifts, including:
    • Giving the customer a free gift or free gift card with a particular purchase.
  • Shipping, including:
    • Giving free or discounted shipping.


Of course, there are limitations to what can and can’t be shown. For starters, the Promotion can’t run longer than 6 months. The promotion must also be redeemed at the checkout. This means that the promotion can’t be already applied to the item before that item has been put through to the online checkout. This means that markdowns and advertised price reductions can’t be advertised as promotions. Also, your promotion must be a minimum of 5% or $5 off the advertised item.

Another important factor is that Google Promotions are only available in certain countries. Currently, Promotions are only available in Australia, UK, US, Canada, Germany, France & India. This should be taken into consideration when looking at selling internationally.

With so many different competitors in the same place, it’s much more difficult to stand out from the crowd through online shopping. Google promotions tries to help you do this by drawing user attention with a special deal or offer to help you increase sales.

Written by Lachlan Ward