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Exploring Google Ad Extensions

Exploring Google Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a great way to add more information into your ad, and really make your ad stand out. From Phone Numbers and Business Locations to extra offers or extended services, they can showcase every aspect of your business. I’ll go into further detail about each extension below:
Google Ad Extensions - Sitelinks - Vine Street Digital


Sitelinks are probably the most used extension in any AdWords campaign. This is the part of the ad that lets you add links to different parts to your website within your ad. Sitelinks can take up a lot of room on the results page and they really help make your ad stand out.

Google Ad Extensions - Call Extensions - Vine Street Digital

Call Extensions

Pretty straight forward. It’s simply a little button that lets people on mobile devices call your store directly from the ad. As an added bonus, Google has its own call tracking on these extensions which makes it really simple to see where the conversion came from.


Google Ad Extensions - Callout Extensions - Vine Street Digital
Callouts are really little bits of information that can be added to an ad. The best way to use a callout extension is to save them for your unique selling points or special offers like “Free Delivery!” or “No Call Out Fee!”. The reason for this is because the character limit for each callout is only 15 characters, which doesn’t leave much room for a big description.

Location Extensions

Google Ad Extensions - Location Extensions - Vine Street Digital
As the name suggests, Location Extensions allow people on all devices to see where your business is located. Users can click the extensions to be sent to Google maps where they can get directions to your store. What’s different about Location Extensions is that they require a Google My Business to be linked to the AdWords account. Google then pulls the address information from the My Business account and automatically creates a Location Extension.

Promotion Extensions

Google Ad Extensions - Promotion Extensions - Vine Street Digital
Promotion Extensions are a great way to showcase any special offers or deals that you might be running. This can really help pull customers onto your website and is a great way to advertise your business.

You can even set dates for starting & finishing the promotion, making it very easy to control.

Price Extensions

Google Ad Extensions - Price Extensions - Vine Street Digital
Price Extensions are awesome for stores that have fixed prices on items or services. Essentially, it allows you to showcase your price in your ad copy. This can be really beneficial when it comes to people shopping around as you don’t waste a click on someone who is just window shopping.

Structured Snippets

Google Ad Extensions - Structured Extensions - Vine Street Digital
Structured Snippets are an extension that is perfect for people wanting to advertise a long list of services, courses, brands etc. Essentially, you can have a long list of things that is a good selling point to your business.

App Extensions

Google Ad Extensions - App Extensions - Vine Street Digital

An app extension is a little button that encourages people to download an app that you might have linked with your AdWords. When a user clicks the app extensions, they are redirected to their app store to download the app.

Message Extensions

Google Ad Extensions - Message Extensions - Vine Street Digital
A message extension is a little button which allows the user to contact you directly via text message. When someone clicks the message button, their message app will open with a message that you can preselect. for example, “I would like to arrange a meeting”.

Written by Lachlan Ward