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Conversion Points: Hard Sells & Soft Sells

Conversion Points: Hard Sells & Soft Sells

When it comes to advertising, using the right combination of words and phrases can sometimes make or break how successful your ads are. For the most part, it’s important to remain relevant to your business and to give useful information. But what about when it comes to your CTA – your Call-To-Action? Most advertisers will tell you that a CTA should always be in an ad as it encourages the user to interact with your ad. But what should it say?

Everybody loves the word “Free” and a lot of ads will use terms like “Free Quote, Free Consultation, Free Inspection etc” to generate interest and try to influence users to click their ads over competitors. Sometimes in other ads you’ll see terms like “Buy Now or Book Now” which are more direct and straight to the point. These two forms of CTA’s are described as Soft and Hard sells.

Soft Sell

A soft sell is a technique used to generate interest and improve engagement with the user. Users are more likely to engage with a product or brand that offers them something. For example: a free quote or inspection. Soft sells often don’t ask too much from the user – usually something simple like following your brand on Facebook or just signing up for a newsletter.

Hard Sell

A hard sell is a technique that asks a user to perform a specific action. This could include a phrase like “Book Now” or something more direct like specifically asking to purchase the product.


When it comes to writing CTAs, I’ve often found that using a soft sell performs better. Nowadays, people are more likely to shop around for the best deal they can find. With companies offering quotes or inspections for free, it becomes difficult to persuade someone to use a product that isn’t offering anything except the product itself.

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Written by Lachlan Ward.