Best Practices To Write Ad Copy on Google – 2021 Edition

Best Practices To Write Ad Copy on Google – 2021 Edition

The ad copy is one of the main elements of Google Ads campaigns that isn’t “behind the scenes”. That is, while your target audience can’t see your keywords, bidding, and overall targeting, they can see the ad copy. Which is why it’s so important to get right!

Google Ads have changed a lot over the years and continues to do so. For example, expanded text ads are getting phased out and we’ll only be able to create Responsive Search Ads moving forward. So, what are the best practices for writing ad copy?

1. Use Real Estate Wisely

This rule still applies as the competition on Google listings only increases. For this reason, it’s important to take up as much real estate as possible. It’s quite simple, use as many characters as possible within the limitations! The headlines allow you to use up to 30 characters while the descriptions allow up to 90. Don’t forget to use the URL paths as well to sneak in some extra words. Just remember that the third headline and the second description are not always displayed. So, if you have any vital information, remember to include them in the first or second headline, and the first description.

2. Utilise all RSA fields

Now that we’ll be focusing on Responsive Search Ads, it’s important to use as many of the headlines and descriptions as possible. There are 15 headlines, 4 descriptions and 2 URL paths with RSA’s. Building these out gives Google more to work with and will also help with your ad rank and CTR. If you do have vital information (such as a sale/promotion) you are able to pin your headline or description to a specific spot.

3. Showcase your selling points

Aside from the technical elements, you’ve got to give people a reason to click on your ad. This is where it’s important to highlight the selling points of your product or service. Do you offer 10% for new customers? Add it in! Have a money-back guarantee? Add it in!

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Written by Gabrielle Behm-Pike