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Ad Copy – Appealing to Emotions

The Emotions of Ad Copy

Buying something can involve many emotions! The process of deciding to purchase goods and services is governed by needs and wants. As marketing professionals, being able to reach your audience in both pragmatic and emotionally appealing ways helps to make sure your ad copy stands out. Being at the forefront of your audience’s mind at their time of need is important, but speaking to both their needs and their wants can get you over the line.

Value Propositions

People use the internet to solve problems. You want to be the solution that your audience is seeking. Use your ad copy to indicate to your potential customer how you can solve their problems, rather than describing or reaffirming their problem. They already know what the problem is, so they want to know that you can provide a solution. This approach can also extend to the types of keywords you use, not just your ad copy.

When your customers use search terms to describe their problem, they’re expecting to see your ad provide their solution. Try varying up your keywords to include phrases regarding the problem as well as the fix. For example, if you’re writing ads for a plumber, think about the problems  people will call a plumber for: blocked pipes, toilets not flushing, and so on. Then think about the solutions, including “emergency plumber” and “fix broken pipe”. You can try out variations of keywords like this to find what works best for your target market.


How much better do you feel when you get the last of something from the shelf? A limited edition? A bargain on the last day of the sale? Include timeframes in your ad copy if you’re having a sale, include stock numbers if you only have a few. Let your audience know that they’re going to get something amazing if they act quickly.

You can also use ‘implied urgency’ when writing ad copy, including what’s known as a “Call to Action”. These are phrases and words that instruct your audience to do something, for example: ‘call now’, ‘shop today’, ‘book your visit’. They are generally seen as an absolute necessity in your copy.

Mitigate Concern

Use your ad copy to reassure your potential clients that they are making a safe and beneficial decision. Are you licenced, experienced, popular? Do you offer a money back guarantee? All of these elements included in your ad makes your client feel safe to part with their money or time. Positive feedback is also a brilliant way to let people know that they should trust your product and service. Make use of sitelinks to your testimonial page, Google Reviews, and social profiles so that people can see that you’re well-connected, well-liked, and the obvious choice for them.


Calls to Action are imperative when it comes to emotional ad copy. It is statistically proven that ads with strong Calls to Action have higher Click Through Rates and Conversions Rates than those without. Apparently, people want to be told what to do! Customise your CTA’s to your audiences and demographics. Make sure they are highly relevant. Tell your audience what their next step is, and they’re more likely to take it!

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Written by Kristen Boucher