5 Unique Facebook Ad Targeting Ideas To Inspire You

5 Unique Facebook Ad Targeting Ideas To Inspire You

With any great Facebook campaign, I always start by targeting the most obvious, or what I call “bullseye”, options. If you’re selling Himalayan pink salt, then it makes sense to target people who are interested in Himalayan pink salt, right? Seems like a safe bet. But once I’ve done that for a while, refined my audiences, and found a great ROAS for a client, it’s important to scale up their Facebook ads so that their business can grow. If you’re stuck in a rut, here are some great “out of the box” Facebook ad targeting ideas to inspire you.

1. Commuters

Targeting commuters might seem like a really broad audience, but when you think about who commuters are, and their day-to-day behaviours, it’s more narrow than you think.

Commuters facebook ad targeting ideas - Vine Street Digital

Commuters are people who live a decent distance from their work and have to travel in, thus finding themselves with dead time. I’m lucky that I don’t have to commute anymore, but I used to hate how much time it took out of my day. So, when you think about people with time to kill, there’s a lot of great things you can offer them. I’ve used commuter audiences for clients with online courses, podcasts, podcasts, audiobooks, and mobile apps. It can also be great if you have a shopfront located near a major bus or train station. Your customers are already passing your store, so why not pop in?

2. Upcoming Anniversaries

Yes, that’s right, Facebook remembers your anniversary, even if you don’t. Not only that, it allows advertisers to target you, knowing that you’ve got a present to buy!

Anniversary facebook ad targeting ideas

Unlike some audiences that have a more static population (where people might stay in there forever), an upcoming anniversary audience list will see people frequently moving in and out. This means you’re not hitting the same people over and over. It’s what we’d call an evergreen audience. I often layer this one by adding gender and age to create a more targeted copy. Remarketing is also a great idea to make sure that they follow up with a purchase after browsing for a gift.

You’re welcome, forgetful partners!

3. Engaged Shoppers

Speaking of buying presents, your online shopping behaviour can depend on a lot of things in your life, and you might not always be eager to buy. Facebook tracks when and how often you click buttons that say “Shop Now”. If you do it frequently enough, you might be classified as an Engaged Shopper.

Engaged Shoppers Facebook ad targeting ideas

This facebook ad targeting idea is a great one for any e-commerce store. It can also be a way to narrow down audiences that are very broad.

Another clever way to use this audience might be to offer them financial planning and budgeting services!

4. Frequent Travellers

So many businesses benefit from targeting travellers. Of course, there are the obvious ones like travel agents, tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and all things hospitality. But did you know that you can also target people who just got home from travelling?

Frequent Travellers facebook ad targeting ideas

I know that when I return home from a trip, there could be any number of household things that need addressing. Usually, my house has been sitting idle and is now a bit dirty. I’ve had times where I’ve come back to a plumbing issue. I’ve even had housesitters who have broken things and not known how to fix them. Coming back from a trip is definitely a time where local tradies and services can be incredibly valuable. I’ve used this audience for plumbers, pressure washers, cleaners, carpenters, and all sorts of service businesses.

5. Page Admins

Facebook page admins are great targets, especially when you’re trying to reach business owners or decision-makers. Targeting by job title can be a bit hit and miss on Facebook. People can put whatever they like in their job title (and they do!), so when you’re trying to reach decision-makers, page admins is a great facebook ad targeting idea.

Page Admins facebook ad targeting ideas

Not only can you narrow down by admins, but you can also narrow that by the type of page they have. Trying to reach restaurant owners to promote your fit-out services? Here you go! Targeting Facebook page admins is also a great way to narrow down within a broad, interest-based audience. But don’t forget that sometimes digital marketers (me, for example) fall into this category too!

Feeling inspired? I hope so! Facebook has a lot of great options for getting in front of the right audience. Still a bit stuck? Get in touch with the team to discuss some options that might work for you.

Written by Gemma Renton