5 Tips to Get Started With Amazon Ads

5 Tips to Get Started With Amazon Ads

Have you considered marketing your products via Amazon Ads? This platform is worth a look for all eCommerce businesses. To give you a bit of perspective, Amazon’s share of the US eCommerce market is projected to increase to 50% in 2021 (Source: Statista) and in February 2021 Amazon broke through the $1 billion revenue mark in Australia (Source: Sydney Morning Herald). So Amazon is really becoming a part of the way people shop online all over the world. If you are already a seller/vendor on Amazon you can start a campaign right away, but if that isn’t the case, you just need to sign up.

Here are my top 5 tips to get started with Amazon Ads!

Product Specifications, Imagery, and Description

This tip goes for all PPC channels and eCommerce businesses. For each individual product, there will be specifications such as colour, size, dimensions, target gender, and so on. Fill in all of the information, every single field possible – do it! This will allow your products to trigger for more searches, show up for filtered searches, and will improve your traffic for automated targeting campaigns.

As for your product images, nowadays, your items are only as good as the quality of the picture. Customers are able to window shop and view so much information at once. Customers are looking at your product images to gauge the quality and value, and to decide if they want to learn more.

Your product description is another essential source of information. The automated targeting will also use your product description to match with people’s searches, so use this to your advantage. Because there is so much variety and so many options for people to choose from, they will search using adjectives. If they are looking for something specific, they are going to type in a specific search.

For example, if you’re running a jewellery store, really go into detail and describe the specifications! Explain the materials, shape, size, and who it’s ideally suited for. You can also incorporate images in the description. So you can include lifestyle shots and be creative!

Amazon Brand Registry

If you have an official brand, you’ll want to sign up for Amazon’s Brand Registry. By enrolling in this registry, Amazon helps you build your brand through Sponsored Brand campaigns. This enables you to create an Amazon Store and can help protect your brand.

Amazon Store

Within Amazon, you can create a storefront for your brand. It allows you to showcase your brand, products, and different categories without taking people away from the website. It’s completely customisable, so you can ensure the design is true to your brand. Plus, there’s no coding necessary! You can also access insights and analytics to optimise your campaigns.

Automated Campaign for Keyword Ideas

Once you have all of your basics covered with your inventory, brand, and store, you’ll be able to start running ads!

Amazon Ads doesn’t have any official keyword tool (like Google’s keyword planner). So, it can be a little hard to gauge search traffic volume and understand the things people might be searching for. The best way to get some keyword ideas is to let an Amazon Ads automated campaign do the investigating! This is definitely not a “set and forget” method, though, so be sure to stay on top of it.

Plan Ahead

One last tip: be sure to plan ahead. Almost everything on Amazon will take time to be processed and approved – up to a few weeks, in some cases. So you’ll need to make sure you are getting prepared well before you start considering running ads.

If you’re already on Google Shopping or Facebook and Instagram, Amazon Ads could be a great option for you to consider! Reach out for a chat with us to find out how it could benefit your business.

Written by Malinder Ah-chong