5 Reasons to include Reddit Ads in your PPC Strategy

5 Reasons to Include Reddit Ads in your PPC Strategy

When most people think of social advertising they think of the big players; Facebook and Instagram. And rightly so! But as more people are growing weary of the constant life updates and pictures of food, users are seeking out spaces to broaden their horizons. That’s where Reddit comes in.

Reddit is essentially a collection of forums where users can post and comment anonymously. Each forum on the site is called a “subreddit” and is dedicated to a topic. You can read Q&As with people from all walks of life (r/IAmA), learn some interesting facts (r/todayilearned), laugh at cute dogs (r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog), or look at buildings that used to be Pizza Hut locations (r/FormerPizzaHuts). Users actively opt-in to subreddits based on what interests them and what they want to see.

Reddit isn’t just for the people, it’s by the people. Users can “upvote” and “downvote” content and comments they see. Content with more upvotes tends to be more visible with some even making it to the “Front Page of Reddit”, a curation of all the top posts from all subreddits.

As an advertiser, it’s this opt-in method of curated, quality content that makes this platform appealing.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Reddit Ads in your PPC Strategy.

1. Reddit Ads reach highly targeted audiences

Users have to actively opt-in to subreddits and they’re also upvoting and downvoting content all the time. This means Reddit has a very clear idea of what a user wants to see, and that gets translated into your targeting options. As an advertiser, you can target people who follow certain subreddits. So let’s say you’re trying to target startup founders, then you might want to target users subscribed to r/startups, r/smallbusiness or r/Entrepreneur.

The big difference here is that platforms like Facebook or Instagram are often assuming their users are interested in certain topics, whereas Reddit is sure. No algorithm is required to find out if a user is interested in business, they told Reddit themselves when they opted into a subreddit. This means you know your ads are reaching the right audience and your money is being spent wisely.

2. Users on Reddit are actively engaging with content

Reddit is a collection of forums, so there are always conversations happening. Questions, thoughts, comments, answers, links, resources, and support regularly come in, from all directions, about a range of topics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you’re going to get a lively philosophical debate happening in r/holdmybeer, but users are still upvoting and downvoting as they scroll.

It’s one thing to advertise to the right users, it’s another to have them actively engaging. As long as you’re focusing on quality content, it’s likely you’ll get a high engagement rate.

3. Reddit is great for reaching a niche

If your business is offering a very specific solution, or your target audience is interested in a particular niche, then Reddit is a great way to advertise.

Targeting a niche can be tricky – if your product is new, then people might not know they need you yet. Maybe you have a great solution, but your target audience is only a handful of people. Businesses like this often try to turn to Google Ads, but give up after they find out that bottom-of-funnel keywords are low search volume, and top-of-funnel keywords are money pits.

Reddit is a great solution to this because it’s a way to get top-of-funnel traction without your ads becoming a money pit. The ultra-targeted subreddits mean you can find your niche and present your new amazing thing in an engaging way.

4. Reddit can give your brand a voice

Reddit ads come in a variety of formats, including the traditional image and video ads with CTA buttons. But Reddit also allows you to promote text posts like any other forum user. The advantage is that you can camouflage your ad to look like native content while also starting a conversation.

I know what you’re thinking; Facebook & Instagram also allow comments, so why is this so different? Well, everyone on those platforms is commenting as themselves and usually tagging friends or family and starting their own side conversation. However, Reddit is anonymous, so you tend to get more engagement when people are hiding their identity. Plus, it tends to be more on-topic than what you’d get with Facebook. Opening a conversation is a great way to get honest feedback from actual users in your target audience. You won’t get a better focus group!

5. Reddit ads can fit with small and large budgets

How much you spend on Reddit Ads completely depends on how many people you’re trying to reach. If you’re looking at a really niche audience, then you may only need $150 per month to get in front of them. But aside from being able to narrow your targeting to save on costs, Reddit is also a little hidden gem. All ads on social platforms are ultimately competing in an auction. With fewer advertisers on Reddit than there are on Facebook, you can expect to not have to fight so hard.

So are Reddit Ads worthwhile?

Given the targeting, costs and users involved, I’d argue that it’s worth a try. But ultimately it comes down to your business, your goals, and your audience. Reddit users are actively engaged, but they’re also picky. You need to make sure you’re going in with something to offer, and not just going for the hard sell each time. But with the right content, it makes sense to utilise this ever-growing platform to get in front of more potential customers.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to learn about our Reddit Ads management service!

Written by Gemma Renton