5 Powerful Lead Magnets To Build Your Client Base

5 Powerful Lead Magnets To Build Your Client Base

It’s getting increasingly harder to obtain new leads for businesses as people are becoming more cautious about handing over their email addresses and contact information. In order to grow your database, you need to give something in return, and that something needs to be valuable. This is where it helps to have powerful lead magnets!

Lead Magnets need to stand out and offer the potential prospect something that is relevant and useful. The good news is that you might already have valuable information available that you can repurpose.

There are a wide range of lead magnets that you could utilise, including webinar content, podcasts, guide downloads and more.

Here are five examples of 5 Powerful Lead Magnets to try!

Downloadable Guide or eBook

This is great for businesses that already have a lot of blog content on their website, or have valuable in-house resources that you provide to existing clients.

For example, perhaps you have an online retail beauty business. You already have a fair few blogs written on the “Best Foundation For Dry Skin”, or “How To Retain Your Skin’s Moisture”. You would be able to group this content together to create a downloadable guide, such as “Our Guide On Your Skin Looking It’s Best In Winter” and utilise this on a seasonal basis to grow your database. Then you have the opportunity to create tailored email content for those specific leads.

Alternatively, you may be a service-based business offering sustainable energy solutions. Offering a guide on “How To Save On Electricity Sustainably” will help capture prospects that you can identify as warm leads, given their interest in this lead magnet.

The Checklist

The Checklist is another effective and fairly easy lead magnet to create. I’d present these as “Things To Consider Before X”. For example, if you run business coaching services, you could create a lead magnet for “Things To Consider Before Starting A Business”. This could be a simple checklist of things you should have in place before starting a business.

Again, this provides you with qualified leads of people that may be interested in your services.

Case Study

What better way to highlight your products or services than a case study! This is a great way to highlight your existing clients/customers’ success and establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

This is great for businesses where you can show how you’ve helped your client improve from X to Y. For example, perhaps you’re an educational provider and you’ve got a story of a student who successfully changed their career path and they are now doing what they love!

Alternatively, if you’re a tradie and you’ve got a great renovation to show off, you could also turn ‘before and afters’ into a small case study!

Free Trial / Consultation

This one is slightly more time consuming, however, it can be very effective in generating leads. You’ve also got the opportunity to create a relationship with the prospect, which can help move them down the marketing funnel. This lead magnet can be effective across a range of industries. For example, you can offer a Free Trial/Session as a personal trainer, a life coach, a nutritionist, and so on.

Or perhaps you have a software-based product in which you can offer a free trial or demo. You might provide a consultation on how the prospect can benefit from incorporating the software into their business.

Again, this lead magnet does require more involvement on the business side, but can still be flexible in what you wish to offer.


Webinars allow you to take advantage of existing content that you can repurpose into a live (or prerecorded) webinar. Again, if you already have existing blog content, you can tailor that to one theme or topic that is relevant to your target audience. This provides an alternative medium to a regular PDF download or written resource.

The added benefit of a webinar is that it puts a face to who’s behind the business, and can establish a stronger relationship with the prospect from the start.

Webinar Lead Magnets can be suitable for a range of businesses. However, they may be better suited to service-based businesses rather than e-Commerce.

Have you got your lead magnet ready?

What are you waiting for? Start creating your powerful lead magnets today! Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like help.

Written by Gabrielle Behm-Pike