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2021 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist Gemma Renton

Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist 2021

Gemma Renton, owner and founder of Vine Street Digital, is honoured to be chosen as a 2021 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards finalist. The gala event to celebrate the achievements of Gemma and her fellow entrepreneurs and professionals will be on Friday 22 October, 2021.

Gemma has joined a group of contenders Australia-wide vying for not only Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year, but also the Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. The latter will be presented at an exclusive gala event on the Gold Coast, Saturday 11 December 2021.

The Young Entrepreneur Awards team noted that they’ve been particularly blown away by their entrants in the past year. They applauded how their award entrants responded to the difficulties of the pandemic, including those who were well-prepared in advance with business models designed to take advantage of the online economy. Gemma’s company, Vine Street Digital, is one such example.

“Vine Street Digital strives to be the best agency to work with, and the best agency to work for. Even before the pandemic, employees could choose when and where they work. This freedom and flexibility promotes a productive work environment and addresses the very modern problems of burnout and high turnover.” – Gemma Renton

Gemma created Vine Street Digital in 2015 after hitting her breaking point in the traditional agency life of the digital marketing industry. It’s an industry rife with high-pressure environments that “churn & burn” their employees and clients – exacerbating burnout, stress, and mental health issues.

Knowing there had to be a better way, Gemma took back control of her life and built her business on the foundations of honesty, trust, and integrity. She gave her employees the freedom and flexibility of a completely remote work environment. Seeing the company grow with productive and happy staff has validated Gemma’s decision to cut ties from traditional working methods.

Starting this business was hard, but the hard work has paid off. I’m extremely proud of the workplace I’ve built, the clients we’ve been able to help, and the employees that continue to thrive here.” – Gemma Renton


Telstra Business Women's Award Finalist Gemma Renton | Vine Street Digital

Gemma Renton, owner of Vine Street Digital

As the owner of an agency that focuses on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) digital advertising, Gemma knows all too well the pitfalls and restrictions of many agencies in the industry. Vine Street Digital challenges the status quo of the industry not only by liberating Gemma and her employees, but their clients as well. 

Since Gemma’s business model centres around long-term client retention, Vine Street Digital always provides clients with honest advice, even if it means saying goodbye in the short term.

For example, during the peak of COVID-19, the team proactively reached out to their clients to enquire about the pandemic’s impact on their business. If it made sense, the agency suggested pausing client ads, which also meant pausing their management fees. Although this meant Vine Street Digital lost out on short-term profit, they built trust with their clients and improved their relationships long-term.

“The pandemic continues to disrupt our clients across various industries. Businesses will be looking for agencies they can trust to operate in their best interests.” – Gemma Renton

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Written by Chelsea Zanki

About Vine Street Digital:

Vine Street Digital is a digital advertising agency that focuses on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing across multiple platforms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. Their management services include a thorough analysis of their clients’ business goals and metrics to help deliver their desired results. For further information, contact Vine Street Digital.