Reach As Many Customers As Possible

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Bing is often neglected by advertisers, but its audiences are continually growing. Bing is integrated into the Windows environment, and Cortana is powered by Bing as well. With over 12 billion searches per month worldwide, you’d be crazy to neglect this pool of customers.

Bing Shopping Ads (AKA Microsoft Shopping Ads) are very similar to Google Shopping, and it’s often the case that you can repurpose your feed from Google Shopping for use in Bing. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple import – you can’t just “set and forget”! To achieve the best possible revenue and ROAS, you’ll need to tailor your campaigns and optimise to the unique technical requirements and audience on Bing.

That’s where we come in. Our Bing Shopping specialists are well versed in the subtle differences between Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. They’ll assist with the setup and proactive management of your Bing Shopping campaigns to get the most out of this overlooked platform.