Gemma Renton

Gemma Renton

Owner & Lead PPC Specialist

I‘ve been a Pay Per Click marketer for several years and when I started Vine Street Digital, my goal was to make it the best PPC agency to work with, and the best PPC agency to work for. I’m extremely proud of the calibre of our specialists, the service we provide, and how we operate with transparency and integrity.

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PPC is a passion for me! I’ve been doing it a long time and I love that no two campaigns are the same and that it’s constantly evolving. I enjoy doing PPC campaigns for large brands – they’re usually more complex and it’s a great opportunity to integrate multiple PPC platforms. That being said, I also love to work with small and medium businesses as it allows me to build long term relationships with the owners.

I’m also proud of the agency we’ve all created here. I used to work for large agencies and high turnover, employee burnout and over-promising was very common. Vine Street Digital started to change all that. Here we don’t overload ourselves with clients so we can give the best possible service and attention to each one of them. Employees also choose when they work and where they work – as long as their clients are happy and the results are good, they’re welcome to find the work/life balance to suit them. I believe Vine Street Digital is the best agency to work with, but I also believe it’s the best to work for and whether you’ve come here as a client or as a future team member, I look forward to showing you what we can offer.